Award winning short-documentaries Challenging Impossibility and Ocean Monk.

Product Information

Challenging Impossibility screened at the opening night at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival won numerous awards played at over 80 film festivals worldwide. It was selected for the United Airlines Inflight Entertainment starting from October 2014. Credit to Sanjay Rawal and Natabara Rollosson for creating this quietly powerful and deeply inspiring film. The soundtrack also includes songs from ‘Explosions in the Sky’ and Arvö Part’s immortal ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’.

Monumental Pace


First Light


Challenging Impossibility Trailer from Sanjay Rawal on Vimeo.

Listen to a few soundtracks from the Challenging Impossibility soundtrack.

Ocean Monk screened at over 40 film festivals, opening the New York Film Festival. Featuring one of Sigur Ros’s incredible soundtracks, this is a link to the website. Here is the trailer.

Ocean Monk Trailer from Sanjay Rawal on Vimeo.

Here is one of the soundtracks from the film.

Sequence Two



Soundtrack Projects

London 2012 Olympics Intro Video Soundtrack (Day 2 ‘A Moment’s Peace’ Event)

Introduction by Archbishop Desmond Tutu – audio book (unpublished as of Nov 2013)

Award Ceremony Soundtracks3

UNFCCC Cop19 Warsaw 2013 Momentum of Change Awards Finale

UNFCCC Cop18 Doha 2012 Awards Part 1

UNCSD Rio+20 2012 Equator Prize Awards ‘IceBreaker’

UNCSD Rio+20 2012 Awards Finale

UNDP Equator Prize 2010 Awards: Africa Theme

5 Minute Countdown to Awards

Awards Part 2


Genre Soundtracks

Freefall (Extreme Sports) Download .aif file

Transient (Time lapse video 3,100 Mile Race 2013) Download .aif file

Colossal Seed (Modern Classical) Download .aif file

AWake (Nature Documentary)Download .aif file

Twisted Cradlesong (Ethnic)

little monsters (Electronic)

Central and South American Theme

Penny for your Thoughts (Guitar, Bamboo Flute) Download .aif file