Video Soundtracks

Soundtracks from 2010-2012 including two award-winning short film documentaries, various video presentations for the UNDP Equator Initiative, a soundtrack for an intro video at an event at the London Summer Olympics and an awards ceremony at the UN Climate Summit in Doha.

Product Information

The videos below are the trailer of ‘Challenging Impossibility’ and a presentation about the Equator Initiative.


Equator Initiative narrated by Edward Norton from Equator Initiative on Vimeo.

Challenging Impossibility Trailer from Sanjay Rawal on Vimeo.

Here are a variety of different projects from 2010-2012. One some browsers the music takes a second or two before it starts playing. Please send me a note through the contact page if you have any problems with the audio files. Many of these tracks you can download from this website


Finale Soundtrack Rio+20 Awards Ceremony


Time (from ‘Challenging Impossibility’)


London 2012 Summer Olympics (Video Presentation)


There Are No Rules


Around the Equator




Sequence Two (from ‘Ocean Monk’ )


Transient (Sountrack for Time-Lapse Video)


5 Minute Countdown to Awards