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So I play tennis with a friend of mine and he beats me 6:1 and 6:2. Fine, I'll live. But two days later he starts the world's longest certified foot race, averaging over 70 miles per day (that's almost 3 marathons every single day) for about 50 consecutive days.

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Asprihanal Aalto happens to be an excellent tennis player, but he really is a world class runner who – almost every year for the last 10 years – took on the challenge to complete the unbelievable 3,100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race in New York, winning it multiple times. When I stop by at the race to join some of the runners for a lap – on my bike, mind you (easier for me to keep up, than trying to run along!) we usually share jokes or talk about anything inspiring, given that somehow the runners usually are in a better mood and have more enthusiasm than when I show up after what I consider a long day…

Anyways, recently they were featured on the local news on NY1, New York Observer, the Huffington Post homepage and most recently The Times of London, so I thought I could post this happy little track in their honor – the photo is from the actual race track – and the choice of samples reminds me of the more unusual challenges they face every day: happy kids on swerving bikes, broken glass, blisters, thunderstorms etc. Did I mention heat waves?

And if they can face all that with a smile on their face I guess I can at least post some music and talk about something you may not hear about every day.

Photo by Jowan Gauthier