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On a recent "Songs of the Soul" concert tour in Europe (Finland, Latvia, Norway and Iceland) I was able to perform with Pavaka. We played a total of six concerts and had a great time. Below is a little background story on how that musical collaboration happened.

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Funny story that somehow ended up on National Radio.

Imagine you’re trying to get some rest and there are people living a few walls from you who enjoy making noise all night. About a year ago I had that problem and it went on for a few weeks. One night it was all too much and I was exhausted, angry and at my wits’ end. The only thing I could come up in my pathetic state was turning on my music gear, putting on my headphones and creating a musical world I could escape into. That was after 3am and the session, which is the unedited post above, ended with morning birds invoking a new day and I could finally close my eyes for a couple of hours.

A while later a good musician friend from Canada tells me about his new CD project and sends over some guitar tracks – and I was inspired to play around with them since I had found this interesting combination of instruments that night.

Pavaka – the bass and guitar player I talking about – specializes in arranging Sri Chinmoy’s soulful and haunting melodies and performs them with great skill and charisma. And although he was initially not exactly happy with me adding synths to his otherwise studio recorded tracks, he kindly added it as a bonus track. That’s what friends do:)

To make a long story short – the other day I got a message that Canadian National Radio picked up that particular track and played it a couple of times in full length after saying a few nice things about the composer of the songs. Somewhere in a time slot between Stevie Ray Vaughan and Peter Gabriel. I have no experience with that kind of thing but I assume that getting airtime like that is a good thing. And sometimes ‘good things’ can come out of the most difficult or peculiar situations, as long as we don’t give up.

The song is called Ami Habo (reprise) and I hope you’ll check out Pavaka’s album – you’ll find it on iTunes and CDBaby . It’s the one with the red cover. I’ve heard him perform Track 10 live – by himself (JamMan). Brilliant.

And here is a link to his account of the recent Nordic countries concert tour