Product Information

A step forward from ‘Firefly’. Similar structure and instrumentation but more depth in the layering of the instruments. Also includes more live recorded tracks for a more organic sound. Wild panning intentional – this track turned out to be a little moster with a flute running through ‘Guitar Rig’ effects. In hindsight this track sounds a bit like Emancipator’s ‘Lionheart’ and I believe E.S. Posthumus might have left a mark with their first album. And ever since I heard Massive Attack’s “Two Rocks and a Cup of Water” I could’t get theĀ flageolet strings out of my head, which explains the harp in the intro and interlude. Depending your setup, this song may only work played loudly.

The photo is by Chahida. I colorized the water (sorry) but you’ll still recognize a few puffins sitting on the cliffs.