Colossal Seed

Product Information

I was trying to create a dry, understated but epic feel with this track. I modified a celesta to sound like a piano and gave the grand piano a distant feel to take away from the solo quality of the melody line. Both the orchestral and synth strings are colorless but present, with very little reverb.

Regarding the structure – if you imagine the rhythm of wind gusts brushing over dry grass on a mountain – that’s the movement i was going for. There is a steady, unrelenting and irregular rhythm with the occasional rumbling sound in your ear when the wind picks up. Much of nature is like that – nonlinear, vast, timeless, harsh but with clear purpose.

The photo is of the Jardine Jupiter tree. Withered and dry, but after 1,500 years of braving the elements it is still alive, growing new leaves every year.
photo: thraceknits/flickr